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Data-driven carbon
solutions at scale

Embedded digital-MRV for the Voluntary Carbon Market

CarbonClear provides digital-MRV solutions that drive carbon finance to severely underfunded sectors, such as distributed renewable energy, thereby accelerating the deployment of renewable energy in line with SDG 7.

Digital Network

A transformative new model

A key missing piece in traditional carbon markets

If operationalized correctly, the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) can be an effective way of financially incentivizing climate action, by transferring capital from CO2 emitters to globally situated projects that avoid, or sequester CO2.

Currently, however, this market is struggling with integrity challenges. On the one hand, there are too many credits available from projects that are proven to over-issue, and on the other hand high-quality credits that can be trusted by buyers are getting scarce. This puts pressure on the market, and requires a fundamental re-thinking of its underlying processes.

The solution lies in transforming the carbon market supply chain through embedded digital MRV, and providing carbon credits that are fully traceable, data-driven, and conservatively calculated .

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