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Providing solutions for large-scale replacement of diesel generators

Moving away from fossil fuels

The emission reduction potential of replacing the existing diesel generator fleet in sub-Saharan Africa with Solar Systems is very sizeable. As an illustration, the global back-up generator fleet is 450 gigawatts (GWs) with about 25 percent, or 135 GWs, deployed in sub-Saharan Africa.


The global generator fleet is equivalent to 700-1000 large coal power stations. Most strikingly, the back-up generator fleet in sub-Saharan Africa is about twice the installed grid capacity, and the gap in deployment between diesel gensets and solar systems is widening every year, which should make this a priority focus area in order limit future growth in CO2 emissions.

Our strategy is to widen our scope of operations to enable large-scale replacement of diesel generators in all size-categories, and in the process open a hereto underdeveloped carbon credit segment worth € 1,8 Bn yearly.

diesel generator polution lagos.jpg

Based on small extensions to our current technology stack, we will develop an end-to-end solution for generating carbon credits from operations/projects that replace diesel powered gensets with PV-based solutions.


The intended fully data-driven approach will enable (i) the creation of a
new data-driven carbon methodology for diesel replacement, and (ii) the positioning CarbonClear as an infrastructure for automated real-time baseline calculations, and immediate issuance of high-integrity carbon credits at a low verification cost.


Rolling out such a solution could fundamentally transform a market that holds the potential of generating over 90M tCO2e of carbon avoidance credits yearly, in East and West Africa alone.

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