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Solar Home Asia - Myanmar

Solar Home Asia - Myanmar

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1000 Kilograms
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Solar Home Asia is the market leader in Myanmar for Pay-As-You-Go domestic solar systems They provide good jobs for nearly 150 people (27% female) in 21 commercial hubs Solar Home Asia provides solar-powered products to over 60,000 rural households in 35,000 villages impacting over 300,000 lives. The offered Pay-As-You-Go models cater to the Bottom-of-the-Pyramid consumers. Most of Solar Home Asia’s customers are farmers and nearly half are women including women entrepreneurs with an average monthly household income of $85.

  • Impact

    To date, Solar Home calculates some 300,000 people have benefited from access to affordable clean energy. A breakdown shows an estimated 60,000 households in Myanmar have replaced open fires with solar lights; some 35,000 households are no longer exposed to toxic lead battery chemicals. More than 9.3 million kg of CO2 emission have been saved. An estimated 147,000 women have benefited, many operate small shops and stalls and with solar-powered lighting can extend their business hours. In addition, school students have light to study in the evenings

  • About Solar Home Asia

    SolarHome Asia offers a steady source of power and light and brings enormous social benefits, particularly to farmers and women in rural communities who are years away from accessing electricity through formal and reliable power grids.

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