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Facilitating safe, accessible sanitation to combat methane emissions and improve health and quality of life

The initiative

Sanitation-as-a-service is an emerging model whereby technology can be used as an important instrument in measuring and monitoring container based units. With an approximate 4 billion people without access to a functioning toilet, it is important to facilitate access to safe sanitation and new sources of energy in order to reduce disease, child mortality, and pollution. Human waste should be reimagined as a valuable resource which can be reused in a safe and circular fashion. 


Waterless toilet technologies and systems employ a range of various processes all resulting in new resources, revenue streams and CO₂ absorption. Whilst this technology stream is still emerging, there are slow developments and standards with regard to carbon credits. This will be a future stream for CarbonClear to delve into, aiming to support industry, equality, environment, and economies within developing nations.

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