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Buy carbon credits today 
- or help us scale our transformative model


Buying carbon credits

Compensating for carbon emissions is easy and fast through our webshop, for companies and individuals, alike. You can browse through our current partnerships to locate the project you want to support, and under each project you can see both project impact, the off-grid communities being reached and price per carbon credit. Bulk purchases are available on request.

Once you've completed your purchase, a certificate with a unique serial number will be issued. The authenticity of the certificate, as well as traceability information can be checked in our CarbonClear public explorer. This includes mapping the locations of the deployed data-driven devices, displaying time stamps of the actual emission reduction, as well as relevant purchase details. 

Buying credits through CarbonClear provides real-time access, transparency, and security; a superior method of transaction to those currently offered on the VCM.


Not sure what your emissions are?

Advance Market Commitment

CarbonClear’s Advance Market Commitment (AMC) aims to accelerate the development of high-integrity carbon credits with complete end-to-end transparency through verifiable and trackable data. In order to achieve that, various fundamental technologies necessary to build the data-driven Voluntary Carbon market of tomorrow require maturation - but they have yet to reach a price point for mass adoption in the market. 


The “pull funding” effect of Advance Market Commitment guarantees future demand for these technologies by sending a strong demand signal to innovative technology enterprises and investors. The guaranteed offtake and pre-purchase agreements that make up the AMC, incentivise the effort of bringing these emerging technologies to market, and help strengthen the foundation of the new tech-driven VCM.


CarbonClear is now seeking engagement in its AMC programme - read more here:


Become a carbon avoidance or removal project partner

We are always seeking project partners in compensating global carbon emissions, elevating underserved communities and attaining the goals of Agenda 2030. 


If you have a project within one of the current technology streams or are simply interested in learning more as a potential provider, connect with us today via the form below:

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