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Scaling our inclusive carbon market model
through four technology streams

Our mission

CarbonClear's mission is to scale its proven model to provide measurable carbon finance to impactful projects throughout marginalised areas of the world, and consolidate the model on the Voluntary Carbon Market.
It is no small ambition, but by placing data transparency at the core of each CO2 project, the CarbonClear model has proven to not only convert fast and cost-effectively, but also build trust and motivation throughout its value chain and into the market place.

How do we know our model works?

The CarbonClear model has been proven in partnership with some of the largest distributors of Solar Home Systems in Africa and the Americas, as well as in partnership with Det Norske Veritas, DNV, as a third-party verifying body.

This implementation of the model engages a sector that currently does not have access to the carbon market, and in so doing it addresses the yearly 12.9Bn USD financing gap that needed to attain universal electricity access by 2030.

Today, the model is fully operational and has become the leading carbon credit solution for the solar off-grid sector.

Why a new carbon market model?

Carbon credits are an essential tool to speed up the implementation of lasting sustainable solutions. Used right, they can speed up emission reduction and funnel funding to the underserved communities that need it the most.

In the past two years alone, the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) has grown from being a $300M-a-year to a one billion dollar market (USD), and is estimated to increase by a factor of 15 or more by 2030 and up to 160 by 2050 (McKinsey).

But the fast VCM growth has unveiled alarming problems in the market's fundamental structure. Antiquated IT infrastructure, manual verification, and slow and expensive auditing makes the market largely inaccessible for the marginalised communities and small businesses that need it the most.

And it prevents the VCM's exponential potential as a climate and sustainability solution from being unlocked.


Consolidating an inclusive market model for impact at scale

To build cost-effectiveness, fair value distribution, and trust in a globally inclusive model, the Voluntary Carbon Market must be digitalised through a transparent, measurable, data-driven model.


CarbonClear's tech-powered value chain is an inclusive, self-enforcing, and measurable impact model that reduces the project-to-issuance timeline from 3 years to 3 months and cuts auditing costs to a minimum, without compromising the robustness and integrity of the verification. (Performed by Det Norske Veritas, DNV).

In the next three years, we want to generate at least 5M tons of carbon credits, the revenue of which will finance small-scale distributed projects, and drive the emergence of the new model as a bone fide data-driven carbon standard.

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